The Next Generation luggage tag

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What is Tagonce?

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Tag your luggage with contact information by using your smartphone. Plan ahead, store travel history and much more.

You get a tag with a unique QR code and NFC chip immersed in the tag, and an almost unbreakable strap

....and you get an app which allows you control the contact information of your tag (and much more)

Compatible with iOS and Android™

Why use Tagonce ?

  • Save time

    Enter your permanent contact information once

  • Up-to-date contact information

    You can allways change your contact information if your trip changes, without having your luggage present.

  • Plan ahead

    Plan a longer journey by entering future dates and places you are planning to stay - your tag information will change automatically based on this info

  • Easy access

    Access and change your contact information on your way to the airport, at home, after check-in or even in the air.

  • Cool features

    Luggage finders can send you a message, call or email you with a click of a button. You can see the location of where you luggage was found

  • Affordable price

    The estimated retail price is $11,95 and the app is completely free to use, after you have purchased the tag. No subscription!

  • It is safe

    We use GUID URLs to protect your information. A robot would have to generate 1 billion GUIDs per second for 36 years to guess your unique URL. We also use SSL protection which means noone can detect your URL or the information you share when using our platform.

How does it work?

1. Download our app ‘Tagonce’ in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store

2. Signup by using your facebook or email account

3. Attach the tag to your luggage

4. Add your personal and travel information and enjoy your trip - the tag is now setup to display your contact information when scanned


Designed, developed and produced in Denmark

We currently offer nine different designs which you can find in our webshop here. Three of them is shown below:

Black front

Black back

Transparent front

Transparent back

White front

White back

App features

Features for the person scanning your luggage

Contact information

The Tagonce app is NOT REQUIRED to scan and read the tag. Anyone with a smartphone and simple QR or NFC reader is able to scan and read it. Locate the luggage owner on google maps, and get in touch with the owner by clicking a button.

Leave a message

If the finder doesn't want to call or email the luggage owner, the finder can simply choose to enter a message with contact information to the owner of the luggage.

Features for the tagonce owner


The trip section of the app is where the luggage owner can enter an unlimited amount of travel destinations. The various contact information will be displayed according to the dates entered. Here you will also be able to see all your past trips.

Permanent contact information only needs to be entered once. This feature also allows for adding a photo.


Multiple privacy options are available. Choose to share as many or as few pieces of information about how to be contacted as you would like. Here you can also email the QR code to yoursélf, reset the tag and give it to someone else, set your prefered timmezone and more.

It is possible to see location and time for when the luggage was scanned. Here you can also read if someone leaves a message


Will the app only be compatible with iOS?
No, the app is compatible with iOS and Android™. The app is also available from a PC, Mac or tablet, as there is also a webapp available that is accessibe from a webbrowser.

Is the use of the app free or will there be a monthly / yearly subscription to use the app?
There is no subscription fee. It is completely free to use the app after having purchased the tag.

Can you have more than one tag per app?
Yes, the app allows you to control the contact information on as many tags as you want.


We can deliver costum tags with your company logo, the color you like and even in different materials
We can even offer custom app design with your company logo and color.


Are you selling products from your physical and/or online store, and think our product could be sold by you. Let us know!
Travel bag stores

Are you selling or producing luggage bags and suitcases? Perhaps your customers could benefit from Tagonce. Please contact us for a possible collaboration.

Are you an airport or a groundcrew that have good ideas on how you could use our tag to improve your business, by partnering with us, let us know.
Travel agencies

Are you a travel agent and think that our product could be an added value for your customers, get in touch with us.
Your company?

Do you have an app related to traveling, a company that sells tags or something else we haven't even thought of on how we could be partners, we are very interessted in hearing from you!